Cold Days in Southern Ontario

Southern Ontario has been under a bit of a cold snap lately.  We’re not used to waking up to minus 27­­°C days.  But as the saying goes,”If you don’t like the weather in Southern Ontario – wait a minute!”  The warm days will soon be here. 

Fortunately, we’ve been able to avoid the cold by hiding in the shop.    The smell of the sawdust, the buzz of the saws, even the wood glue on our work clothes have a way of making us forget about the deep-freeze just outside the door.  We have been using the time well.  A few ongoing projects were wrapped up, and of course, a few new ones were started.  This website was one of the latter.

We’re hoping to share some of what we do with everyone. 

We started with our most popular product, the Camp Chair.   I don’t know who to give the credit to, but this is a wonderfully designed chair.  It collapses down to a managable size for storing, or transporting.  It’s quite sturdy, and most importantly, it’s strangely comfortable.  We’ve had reason to sit in them for hours at a time, without the back/neck pain that is usually associated with collapsible wooden chairs.  Of course, this is only our impression of them.   We’ve received nothing but good comments from the people we’ve made them for.   Hopefully, we’ll get some of them to post here.

New product pages will be added as time allows, so please stop back from time to time. Or better yet, subscribe to the site and learn about our updates as they happen.  Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll talk to you soon.